Mike Dillard – Magnetic Sponsoring Product Review

Mike DillardMike Dillard is a network marketing phenomenon – a true rags to 7 figure riches story with very humble beginnings and a burning desire for success.

He is well known for his line of network marketing training courses that has revolutionized the network marketing industry.

The Magnetic Sponsoring course has helped more than 100,000 network marketers and turned them into leaders and sponsoring superstars thanks to Mike’s guidance.

Mike Dillard has achieved great success, but he has also paid the highest price personally in order to get to where he is today.

This is his story on how he rose from the ashes to become a network marketing multi-millionaire with the No.1 network marketing newsletter in the world today and countless accolades.

A History Of Mike Dillard

In order to go all the way in his network marketing business, he quit his job as a surgeon recruiter and worked part-time as a waiter. He did it because he wanted to ‘burn the bridge’ and ensure that he succeeded at all cost. Embarrassingly, he even at times had to avoid his friends and relatives who ate at the restaurant he was waiting tables at.

He learned the hard way that network marketing is not built with old fashioned, ‘dinosaur’ recruiting methods that are rendered obsolete by the Internet and mass media advertising.

After burning his life savings by buying dead beat leads and ineffective advertising, he was forced to pawn his DVD collection and tearfully sell his prized mountain bike which he used to win two state-championships in order to buy food and survive.

Hitting an all-time low, Mike vowed to find the answers as to how network marketing should work by tirelessly searching for the truth behind the right prospecting techniques and after he finally ‘cracked the code, Magnetic Sponsoring was born.

What’s So Revolutionary About His Teachings?

The key to unlocking the secrets behind network marketing and finding the key to the hearts of it’s prospects is this:

“A person doesn’t buy a drill because they want a drill. They buy a drill because they want a hole. So if you want to sell more drills, show your prospects how they can create holes, easier, faster, and cheaper.”

Now does this mean that we go around telling others that network marketing will solve your financial problems, give you more time and help you to fulfill your dreams?

Only if you give them information and address their problems FIRST.

Magnetic SponsoringBut what the Magnetic Sponsoring series of products really do for network marketers is this:

They teach network marketers the art of branding themselves as leaders so that leads and prospects will be ATTRACTED to network marketer turning them from being the hunter to becoming the hunted – truly unlike traditional MLM indeed!

They will be so transformed that their mere presence will attract prospects to literally beg them to show the plan and they will sign up with cash and credit card ready in hand.

That is the awesome power of Magnetic Sponsoring and what it will do for your network marketing career.

Mike Dillard – A Product By Product Review

Mike Dillard firmly believes that a person will only succeed in network marketing (or any field for that matter) if they have an abundance mentality.

He says, “Someone with a poverty mentality says, ‘I can’t afford it’.”

On the other hand, he believes that someone with an abundance mentality says, “How can I afford it?

That is why he has designed his line of products to be relative to a person’s budget, but well worth the money.

Here is a list of all his products:

The Magnetic Sponsoring Book

Magnetic Sponsoring Book

Magnetic Sponsoring is the bread and butter of Mike Dillard’s products as it is termed as Network Marketing 101 for every new distributor.

This book teaches distributors the true mindset behind network marketing recruiting. He expounds on:

  1. What network marketing is really about
  2. What it means to be a ‘professional’ network marketer
  3. How to create a true franchise in network marketing
  4. Why it is very important to focus on your target market
  5. How to use positioning and attraction to succeed
  6. How to generate endless leads and cash flow with funded proposal

Magnetic Sponsoring also provides a ‘rejection free’ online recruiting system that is designed to help you generate leads and cash flow while building relationships with your prospects. It even teaches you how to make money from them even if they do not join your network marketing business.

Mike Dillard has created a series of free videos that explains how the Magnetic Sponsoring System works:

Magnetic Sponsoring

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Building On A Budget

Building On A Budget

One thing that is very powerful about Mike Dillard’s Building On A Budget is that it teaches network marketers how to generate traffic on the Internet.

If Magnetic Sponsoring is called network marketing 101, Building On A Budget is all about Internet marketing 101 for network marketers.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about:

  1. Generating targeted MLM traffic to your website
  2. How to drive traffic free traffic from the biggest online advertising sites
  3. Getting throngs of traffic using simple videos
  4. Generating free traffic from press releases
  5. How to get tons of traffic from other people’s blogs

The best thing about this book is that the application these techniques requires little monetary investment or $500 at the most. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any money for your network marketing business because this book, although quite inexpensive, provides valuable content as it teaches network marketers how to generate quality traffic for their network marketing business.

Mike has also created free videos that talks about many traffic generation strategies and principles.

Building On A Budget

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Black Belt Recruiting

Black Belt Recruiting

Black Belt Recruiting is one of the best advanced MLM recruiting courses in the industry.

Teaming up with ‘phone recruiting’ expert Mark Wieser, Mike Dillard has created an advanced recruiting and sponsoring system that (he guarantees) will bring in 10-20 new reps for your network marketing business every single month.

This course will also teach you how to:

  • Sponsor people who are against MLM or network marketing
  • Attract people even if they have decided not to join your business
  • 4 deadly words to avoid that will kill your chances of sponsoring someone
  • How to get obnoxious and loud prospects to apologize and beg you to show them the plan
  • How to brand yourself like an expert – even if you don’t have a single soul in your network
  • A technique that will get your prospects to ASK YOU to decide for them!

In essence, you will be never hear the word ‘no’ again once you learn these techniques.

Here is a free videos by Mike Dillard that talks more about these advanced recruiting tactics. It is a free video interview series with Mark Wieser on the techniques on how to talk to prospects and how Mark personally sponsors more than 250 a year and how you can too.

Black Belt Recruiting

(Note: There is a discount on Black Belt Recruiting if you purchase Magnetic Sponsoring or Building On A Budget first)


Copywriters Guild Membership

Copywriters Guild Membership

The Copywriters Guild Membership is a membership course started by the leading copywriting coach in the world – David Garfinkel. Together with MLM Search Engine Optimization expert – Tim Erway, they have created a complete guide towards writing effective copy - which is the fastest way towards generating thousands (even millions) of dollars in sales without any capital investment at all.

This exclusive membership is also specially targeted towards network marketers as well as it teaches distributors how to improve your copy by:

  • Reducing your writing time (works even if you hate to write)
  • Helping you capture more qualified leads (good prospects)
  • Recruit more customers for retail sales
  • Make more money using simple words alone!

A good example of how David and Tim walks the network marketer step by step is by using effective timeless copywriting methods combined with adaptation of 21st century marketing mechanics.

Take this case study for example:

Copywriters Guild Membership An ‘average’ Joe gets fired up about network marketing and dumps money in a Google Ad campaign. After spending hundreds of dollars, he receives little quality traffic and blames Google for not giving him what he wanted.

This is an example of Shotgun Marketing at work – why it is ineffective and why good copywriting is very important.

The reason why this ‘average’ Joe failed is because he didn’t know how to craft truly powerful copy to attract quality visitors and targeted traffic to his lead capture pages, blogs and websites.

Once you master the art of good copy, it will help you to build a network marketing sales funnel on autopilot.

Good copy is not a shotgun… it is a sniper rifle that gives you:

  • Low Risk (as a result of proper testing)
  • Predictable and consistent (it’s like buying a dollar with a nickel every time)
  • Can be easily measured (you will know what works and what doesn’t)
  • Gives you lots ‘free’ advertising easily

Although at this point in time, the Copywriters Guild Membership is considered ’sold out’ to the public, there is actually an exclusive, back door ACCESS to become a member if you purchase one of the low-ticket products by Mike Dillard.

Gain Instant Access To The Copywriters Guild Membership By Purchasing A Copy Of Magnetic Sponsoring or Building On A Budget first.


The Inner Circle Newsletter

Inner Circle Newsletter

The Inner Circle Newsletter is an exclusive newsletter by Mike Dillard and his team of marketing experts designed to give network marketers insider secrets regarding up-to-date marketing strategies.

As the Internet is constantly evolving, so are the methods of marketing. That is why Mike Dillard and his team has designed this newsletter to address important changes and recruiting strategies as far as the network marketing industry is concerned.

In this newsletter, he talks about the latest tactics for PPC (pay-per-click campaigns), blogging strategies, video marketing strategies, social networking sites (e.g. how to use Facebook and MySpace to make money) and other insider secrets designed to save you thousands of dollars if you attempt to find them out yourself.

The Inner Circle Newsletter is not open to the public and it is only available for select participants of the Magnetic Sponsoring System.

However, you can obtain an exclusive FREE, trial copy of the latest issue by purchasing a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring or Building On A Budget.


MLM Traffic Formula

MLM Traffic Formula

MLM Traffic formula is the pinnacle of expert level network marketing courses. It is the perfect synergy between Internet marketing and network marketing because it contains a complete system that once set up, will help you to generate a 5-figure lead and cash flow generation on autopilot and turn you into a marketing juggernaut.

Mike Dillard teams up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert – Tim Erway and MLM ‘Monster’ Recruiter – Tom Bell to create this stunning home study course.

Tim is an SEO prodigy that specializes in getting virtually any MLM website on the planet to rank on the first page on Google, Yahoo! and MSN and Tom is a master at online recruiting as he had used only 8 days to build a downline of 1,117 reps!

This course teaches you exactly how you can replicate the results of Tim, Tom and Mike without cracking your head trying to understand heavy technical Internet jargon.

MLM Traffic Formula covers the A-Z for the following methods:

  • How to instantly immunize your business against attrition and competition
  • Finding the perfect web address to build a 6 figure MLM business
  • How to create lead capture pages that will turn traffic into downlines 24/7
  • Writing web copy that will sell products and sponsor people automatically
  • Using Pay-Per-Click to create extremely high quality web traffic
  • How to get your website to appear on the top 10 for ANY MLM company
  • Getting free quality leads from press releases, forums, blogs and articles
  • The art of emailing millions of leads – legally!
  • Creating your very own cash producing information product
  • Building a rolodex of services and contacts to propel your MLM business

They practically give away everything, including the kitchen sink.

MLM Traffic Formula

Although MLM Traffic formula is considered a high ticket, quality product selling for $997, there is a 60% discount (a whopping $600) available for people who purchase the product AFTER they buy Magnetic Sponsoring or Building On A Budget first.

Doing Your Best Versus Whatever It Takes

There is a subtle difference between doing your best versus whatever it takes. It means that a person can be really motivated to do his or her best, but produce no results, or they can understand the industry well enough to do whatever it takes (what the industry requires) to achieve true success.

Mike Dillard observes that the majority of the network marketing industry fail not because they didn’t want success bad enough, but because they are using the wrong methods to build their network marketing business.

After all, fishing without a bait has nothing to do with how motivated you are or how bad you want it. A person with little motivation but armed with the right tools will still out perform someone who is doing everything wrongly.

Therefore, he emphasizes continuous education in order to stay on top in the network marketing industry.

So make sure you take action and invest in your network marketing education.

Magnetic Sponsoring

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